Selected Articles and Air-Play Articles Online (May 2021)
A Musical Philosopher and Radiator of Electricity: Jin Hi Kim

Art New England (Nov/Dec 2018)

BBC/PRI's The World - Global Hit (March 2012)
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Capital Public Radio - Insight
(February 2012)
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One Sky-BBC Global Hit
(August 2007)
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Korean Music Radio (October 2016)

Korean Identity in Cross-cultural Improvisation (October 2016) - Written by Jin Hi Kim
Published by the Korea Society for World Music's Music and Culture Vol. 35
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Mike Heffley Interview with Jin Hi Kim

A Korean Composer With Loyalty

Komungo (August, 2001) - Written by Jin Hi Kim, published by La Folio Magazine

Adding White Noise to a Korean Lunar Ritual (May 2000)

Asia as Silent Soul in the West (November 1999)
Written by Jin Hi Kim, published by Asian American Renaissance for
"Dancing Mosaic: A Pan-Asian Performance Showcase" Handbook, MN (1999);
published by La Folio Magazine .