ISIM 10th Anniversary: Artistic Director, Cross-Cultural Improvisation Performance (2016)

Kim's Exceeding at The Asia Society, NYC (2015) © Ken Howard

Solo International Performing Arts Festival, Indonesia (2014)

Autumn Meditation for Komungo, Connecticut (2014)

Kim performing with Pak Prapto Group - Solo, Indonesia (2014)

At Sukuh Temple - Java, Indonesia (2014)

Toraja International Festival - Sulawesi, Indonesia (2014)

Toraja International Festival - Sulawesi, Indonesia (2014)

with Mugiyono Kasido & Marvel Gracia, Solo, Indonesia (2014)

with Mugiyono Kasido & Marvel Gracia for Solopos Newspaper (2014)

Music From Japan 40th Anniversary (2015)
with Mayumi Miyata and Wu Man at The Asia Society (NYC)

Composer to Composer (1989)
with Amirkhanian, Trimpin, Lockwood, Cage, Leon and Nancarrow

Kim's Nong Rock with Kronos Quartet at Alice Tully Hall (1992)

Jin Hi Kim with James Newton and Abdul Wadul (1990)

Kim's Digital Buddha at Detroit Institute of Art (2009)

Jin Hi Kim with Gerry Hemingway (2009)

Jin Hi Kim with William Parker and Oliver Lake (2001)

JHK on Korean barrel drums for Kim's Monk Dance (2007) © David Ryan

Kim's Digital Buddha at Seoul Festival (2007)

Kim's Eternal Rock with Key West Symphony Orchestra (2003)

Kim's Monk Dance with Stanford Symphony Orchestra (2007)

with Samir Chatterjee and Miya Masaoka (2009) © David Ryan

Kim's Dragon Bond Rite Team (1997)

Jin Hi Kim's Eternal Rock (2001)
Kim as soloist with American Composers Orchestra at Carnegie Hall

Kim's Child of War with The Meddelssohan Choir of Conn. (2014)